Motsumi Stinger CO2 Fired Dart- 8 Pack


8 pack disposable dart for Co2 Cartridge darting



The Motsumi Stinger disposable dart sold exclusively in the U.S.A. by Wildlife Capture Equipment is manufactured under the highest quality control possible. Due to its aerodynamic design, it is very accurate and can successfully deliver drug remotely to 70 yards.  The darts are manufactured and used for very successfully in South Africa since 2013.

It is available in smooth, wire dot and wire barbed options in various capacity and needle length. Some darts are also available in 13 gauge needles.

Human safety is very IMPORTANT to Wildlife Capture Equipment. This is our recommendation for disposing of the used darts:

The dart should be disposed of within local, national laws pertaining to the drug which was used with the dart. Appropriate methods for the destruction of 1.4s should be followed. It is advised that the dart be destroyed by fire in a medically approved incinerator. The dart itself can be destroyed by an approved incineration company. After use the dart should be carefully handled and placed into an appropriated medical waste bin. Biopsy dart should be placed back into the container and shipped to the medical facility where it can be opened and the sample removed. Appropriate Medical Waste bins should be used.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

Wire Barb, Dot, Smooth


.5cc, 1 cc, 1.5 cc, 2 cc, 3 cc

Needle Length

3/8" 15g, 1/2" 15g, 3/4" 15g, 1" 15g, 1 1/4" 15g, 1 1/2" 15g, 2" 15 g, 1 1/4" 13g, 1 1/2" 13g, 2" 13g, 2 3/4" 13g