Net Gun Weights


Weights for net gun. Priced individually.



The weights for our net gun canisters are manufactured of a high grade stainless steel material, making them durable and rust free.  The outside diameter is 13/16″. The eye on the weight is designed and CNC machined in such a way as to minimize wear to the tie ropes.

The short version is for the regular canister and the long version is for the large canister.

When using the weight with an o’ring it creates a better seal in your barrel. Therefore your net will travel faster and further. This option also prevents extra wear of the tie ropes caused by the heat of the blast from the charge. This will however increase recoil and we suggest your blank load is reduced to meet your recoil comfort level.  The o’ring option, can be used without an o’ring if you should find yourself without o’ring replacements in the field.

Each weight includes a tie rope.




Additional information

Weight .47 lbs
Dimensions 4 × .8125 × .8125 in

Short, Long


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