Standard Net Gun Package


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Wildlife Capture Equipment’s Standard Net Gun is simple and comfortable to use with a moderate recoil. The front handle is adjustable adding to the comfort for both left or right hand net gunners.

The compact canister system allows you to carry more canisters when on capture.

This net gun can be used on a wide variety of species, from birds to small, medium and large animals.

This version of net gun comes with a fixed barrel set that can utilize two different size canisters, depending on the size of nets being used. This package comes with regular canister and 10′ or 12′ nylon knotted nets. (The canister shown in the photo is the small yellow canister.)

Due to all of these qualities, WCE continues to manufacture the best and most modern Net Guns on the market.

The net gun package includes:

  1. one net launcher with fixed barrel set
  2. two regular sized (orange) compact canisters
  3. two 10′ or 12′ x 6″ mesh nylon nets
  4. three sets of weights and lanyards (12)
  5. three boxes of 20 blanks (light, medium & heavy loads)

You can also purchase additional canisters and accessories separately.

If you add Dyneema Knotless nets, you will use: Small canister for 10ft Dyneema Knotless net/Regular canister is for 12 ft Dyneema Knotless nets.  For the 15′ knotless nets, you will need to purchase the large fixed barrel and change it out.

Variations can be made to the package by contacting us.

***Our Net Gun has been classified as a WILDLIFE CAPTURE TOOL and NOT as a firearm by the ATF/Firearms and Technology Branch. It is not regulated by federal law and does not need to be purchased through an FFL. We can ship directly to your address.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 in
Net Size

10' x 6" mesh, 10' x 7" mesh, 12' x 6" mesh, 12 x 7" mesh